JULY 28, 1963 Oscars Birthday
(Left to Right) Boss, Lee , Nora, Oscar , William Lindsay, Sam Sanders

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Mary Melvina Slaughter was born on December 12, 1856, in Marble Falls, Texas. Her parents were William Ransom Slaughter and Sarah Ann Smith. She married Henry L. Sanders on September 5, 1878, in Marble Falls, Texas. They had 7 children in 17 years. She was in and out of mental institutions. She died on September 4, 1947, at the impressive age of 90, in Wichita, Texas, and was buried in Temple, Texas.

Henry Lafayette Sanders was born in Mississippi. He married Mary Melvina Slaughter on September 5, 1878, in Marble Falls, Texas. They had 7 children in 17 years. Henry went on a walkabout and never returned home. He died or Left around 1900, it is rumored that he is buried in Temple, Texas. DNA Testing has led up to believe Henry's parents are Thomas Jefferson Sanders and Sarah Jane Bell of Mississippi. Please contact: W.L. Sanders if you would like more information. 

Children of Henry and Mary

1. Samuel Houston Sanders was born May 27, 1879 in Burnet County, Texas. He was a Blacksmith. Sam was married a few times in a short period of time. He married Eliza Olive Beneita Polk in 1900 in Burnet, Texas. They had 1 son named John Henry Sanders. After Sam lefted her he lived between Callahan Co, Tx and Brown County, Tx. Sam was sentenced to jail in Huntsville, Texas between (1902 - 1904) for Bigamy and Forgery. After jail he became a Reverend. He married Lille Belle Broadway, daughter of Hardy Joshua Broadway and Margaret Cummings, on April 30, 1907 in Lampasas, Texas. They had three children; Ruby Estelle (Lawson - Odom) and Jack Pershing Sanders. After Lillie died, he re-married Nancy Dee Mouser (Lily) in about 1920. He died on April 3, 1966 in Temple, Texas and is buried at Hillcrest Cemetery. For family stories please contact: Karen Sanders

2. William Lindsay Sanders was born Sep. 26, 1881 in Burnet County, Texas. When he was 19, He married Ollie Mae Wells, daughter of George W Wells and Mary Melvina Beal, on 13 Sep 1901 in Brownwood, Brown, Texas. They had twelve children. He died on 03 Feb 1965 in McLennan, Texas and is buried in Waco Memorial Park Cemetery. For family stories please contact: Jan Hammons

3. Oscar Monroe Sanders, Sr was born on 29 Jul 1883 in Burnet, Texas. When he was 20, He married Nettie Viola Summerlin, daughter of Josiah Freeman Summerlin and Almeda Mayberry, about 1904 in McLennan, Texas. Oscar and Nettie had eleven children. Nettie died on Feb. 24, 1927. Oscar re-married his second wife, Jessie Lee Renfro, daughter of Horace Calvin Renfro and Emma Mason. Jessie was previously married to Thomas Mitchell Dunson. Jessie died on March 21, 1931 in Valley Mills, Texas. Oscar re-married for the third time to Dorothy Schermerhorn English on 04 Jun 1933. Dorothy was previously married to Clifton Leroy Hamil. For more information on Oscar's Family Contact: W.L. Sanders

4. Nora Ann "Ruby" Sanders was born April 10, 1885 in Burnet, Texas. She married Charlie Thompson Campbell, son of James M. Campbell and Pauline Lindeman. Charlie and Nora had five children; Marie, Calista Lee, Ida Lila, Charles Elizabeth "Charley Beth" and Nona Fay. Nora died on 24 Sep 1964 in Austin, Texas and is buried in Valley Mills Cemetery.

5. Hiram Leander "Lee" Sanders was born Nov. 26, 1888 in Burnet, Texas. His 1st wife was Lois Annie Forsythe (previously married to Jeff Davis Heatly and they had four children; Nutrine, Aubry, Virgil and Cecil Heatly). Lee and Lois had one son, O Lee Sanders. Lee's 2nd wife was Mary Nettie Maples, daughter of Doctor Alford Maples and Prudence Elizabeth Segler. Mary was previously married to John Andrew Wheeler. Hiram died on Feb. 22, 1968 Bell County Texas and is buried at Little River-Wilson Valley Cemetery.

6. Myrtle Mae Sanders. We do not know much about Myrtle. Myrtle was born on Nov 1891 in Burnet County, Texas. She is found in the 1900 and 1910 Census after that she disappears. Any Information would be helpful.

7. Boston Massachusetts Sanders "Boss" was born Jul. 24, 1896 in Burnet, Texas. He married Lois Mildred Nicholson. They had three children; Lois Myrtle, Kenneth and Richard Wilbur Sanders. Boss died on 13 Feb 1969 in Temple, Bell, Texas at is buried at Hillcrest Cemetery .

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