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Julius Alexander Schulz, was born on March 18, 1870 in Posen (Pozan) Poland. Like all young men of 1870, Julius longed to live in America. The boy's uncle had immigrated from Antwerp, Belgium on Feb 10, 1886 to New York on the Vessal "Lone Star" then to South Texas and their uncle sent money for the boy and his other sister Emma Alwine Schulz to come to America. Julius Siblings are: Herman Schulz (never came to Texas); Edward Fredrick Schulz (Caldwell, Burleson, Texas) and Emma Alwine Schulz (Falkenberg) (Malone, Hill County, Texas)

The twelve year old boy and fourteen year old sister travelled to steerage via the "Lone Star" from Posen, Germany to New York on Feb 28, 1882 and Julius worked as a scullery boy for a freighter from New York to Galveston, Texas and eventually arrived at his uncle's farm in South Texas. 

Julius often stated that he was accustomed to his virtual peonage in Posen that several years he lapsed before he learned to speak and understand English and the boy was told by a friend that he had longed over paid his indenture ship to his uncle and he was free to leave his uncle farm and seek his fortune elsewhere. 

Julius was especially good at the care of horses and had several jobs where the care of horses was required. At one time in his early career he worked for a cotton gin and also for a brewery, hauling barrels of beer. Julius was thrifty and saved money to help his mother Christina Koebernik pay for her passage to America. His mother and her daughter Emma Alwine Schulz (Falkenberg) met ultimately settled in Malone, Hill County, Texas. Julius married Mary Fritsch on Nov 10 1896. When he was almost 27 years of age and his bride was 18.

Mary Fritsch was born in Weimer, Texas on Aug 19 1878. Her father was Joseph Fritsch of Austrian descents and her mother Rosina Berger who was also Austrian. Both of Mary's parents were from the village of Gross Petersburg near Vienna Austria. 

Mary Fritsch had an older brother named Frank who went north to Texas supposedly to Wisconsin where the Koebernik's had settled. But Frank was never heard of again when he left, much to Mary Fritsch great sorrow. 

Another of Mary's brothers: Adolf Fritsch and wife Julia (Gassman) settled in high hill a German settlement in High Hill, Fayette County Texas. Adolf Fritsch and Family and The Waco Schulz family visited each other periodically. Another of Mary brother Charles Edward Fritsch settled in Weimer. Charles eventually moved to San Antonio and finally Waco. He and his wife, Mary (Gold) are buried in Rosemound Cemetery in Waco. 

After and Julius and Mary married worked as a farmer near High Hill. In Fayette co, later moved to a farm near Marlin in Falls County. 

Julius later moved to Waco and worked as a Cabinet maker for (E Nelson Manufacturing Co) The family lived at 1818 So. 11th in Waco. For many many years and were loved and highly respected by all their acquaintance

His alien registration in Waco, McLennan Co, Texas, Feb 21, 1918. became naturalized on Nov 6, 1919 in Western District of TX. #929922

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